Buy Macromedia Flash Intros for Your Website

Macromedia Flash Intros are website introductions or short animations that are used to welcome visitors into your website. Most flash intros contain text and graphics that briefly describe what your website is about.

Flash intros can be simple or elaborate. Your website logo may be seen along with your website's slogan and any other information that you deem important. Many flash intros contain music which can be turned off and turned on.

Below we have created easy to use flash intros templates that you can use to welcome visitors to your website.

The Macromedia Flash program is not needed to add these website intros to your website. After purchase, simply take the flash intro's code from sample page and paste onto your home page. Our flash intro themes include real estate, dating, automotive, flash and fashion and more. We have plans to add more flash intros in the near future.

To begin, click on the thumbnail image to see the flash intro in action!

** Note: The flash intros are NOT available for resale. You may use them on your personal website only. ** Click here to request a custom flash intro.

Fashion Flash Intro
Fashion Flash Intro
- unavailable

Classic Wedding Photography
Wedding Flash Intro
- unavailable


Premium Flash Intros
or Advanced Users - which require Macromedia Flash to customize.

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