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custom ecommerce web storesAn ecommerce website is an Internet store that sells products and services on the Internet. Hoover Web Design can create a unique ecommerce web store just for you to sell your products on the Internet. Your ecommerce web store's design layout will not be like any other store found on the Internet.

Our professional web designers will listen to your needs and desires for your website to build a customized ecommerce web store to represent your business. All of our ecommerce web stores contain the following highly requested features:

ecommerce website design Our web store is template based and all functions are managed through an Internet admin panel. This means you can change the design of the store easily.

ecommerce website design A novice or beginner to the Internet can easily sell unlimited products with unlimited categories.

ecommerce website design The easy to use administration panel allows you to click one button to change between payment processors such as PayPal, 2Checkout, etc.

ecommerce website design The home page of your web store automatically displays random products of your entire database of products. This keeps your site fresh and new because your customers will always see
different products featured.

ecommerce website design You can easily add your products yourself, delete products, and modify products to maintain your own website. No need to wait on anyone to add the products in for you. This will cut out the additional cost of site maintenance.

ecommerce website designThe products in your database will be searchable by your customers.

ecommerce website designThe web store contains free extras such as website newsletter tool, banner manager, ability to offer coupons, an affiliate program.

Below are a few of the ecommerce web stores that we have designed:

Personal Adornments

Girl Boutique

Scenty Soaps
PayPal Ecommerce Store

Girl Boutique
PayPal Ecommerce Store
(This domain is for sale)


Girlz Shop Fashion Ecommerce Store


Girlz Shop Fashions
PayPal Ecommerce Store
(This domain is for sale)

View more examples of ecommerce website layouts.

On average it will take us 3-4 weeks to set up your web store. The timeframe will depend on how many products you have and our current workload. The web store pricing is very affordable for the small business owner. Contact us to request more pricing information.

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