What does it mean to Exchange Links?

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To exchange links it means that you have placed another website's link on your web site, usually on a links or resources page, and in return, the other website owner has placed a link on their web site back to your website.

Exchanging links can be used to increase your website traffic because the other sites visitors might see your link and visit your page. Also another link pointing to your website can give you a little bit of a boost in the search engines.

It helps to exchange links with websites that are similar in theme to your website. For example if your website is about web site design and development you should not look to exchange links with another website who's theme is finance, automotive or beauty products. Most webmaster or website owners do not look favorably on requests for link exchanges from website who aren't similar to their particular websites theme.

It is a good practice to keep the other websites link on your website and if you have to move the link to another location, let the website owner know. It's not very nice to ask for a link exchange and them to delete the other websites link once they have reciprocated the link exchange. It's surprising how many webmasters do this.

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