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Macromedia Flash MP3 Music Player DEMO - Flash Music Player 9

Flash Music Player

You are listening to Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down.


Flash Music Player Description

This tiny flash music player is a great choice if you want to play multiple music clips on your web site. You can add as many players as you would like to your web page. Sized at just 37x30 it can fit just about any where!

This music player was built with the music artist in mind. Check out the setting of music clips web have below. You can set up a music page on your site similar to this to let you site visitors hear your music. Using this flash music player you can enhance your website by letting your site visitors hear clips of your songs.

It is very easy to add to your website and easy for your visitors to operate. To operate the player, click once on the arrow to select the player. Click again to load the song and hear the music. An equalizer appears when the song is loaded and it begins to play. To stop the song, click on the equalizer. To listen to another song click on another arrow. That's way too easy!

The flash music player will match your website because you can customize it using using html color codes. You can customize the following:

  • change the movie background color
  • change the arrow color
  • you determine the number of mp3's on your page

The following example shows 4 of the music players on a page:

Song Number 1 - I'm Blue
Song Number 2 - Air Force Ones
Song Number 3 - Walking In Memphis
Song Number 4 - I Want It That Way

The possibilities are limitless with a flash music player that is this small!

Knowledge of Macromedia Flash is not necessary and the Flash program is not required. This flash music player only supports MP3 music loops (must have sample rate of 44.1khz). You should select MP3 music that is small in size so that your dial up site visitors don't have to wait too long for the music to play.

Note you will have to create a control file for each MP3 that you wish to add to your web page. If you have 100 mp3's on the page, you will need to create 100 different control files to go with your 100 mp3's. This is simple to do but we wanted you to be aware.

Note the control file is operated by a Javascript. You must be able to add javascript to your web page. If your site visitor has the javascript in his browser turned off he will not be able to listen to your music. Again, we just wanted you to be aware of this.

Note if your user clicks on more than one song, they will be listening to more than one song at the same time.

After purchase you will receive a standalone Flash Swf file (uneditable), control file and basic instructions on how to set up the Flash Music Player on your web site. No Flash source file is included. You will also receive a html page with one player set up on the page and an additional page with 4 players set up on the page.



Flash Music Player Testimonials

Testimonials from customers who have purchased a flash music player:

"Thanks for the Flash audio player. Made my life easier and the client loves it. It's up and running..." Michael W.

"This mp3 player is just (Crazy!) it's all that. ...I will be ordering another one.."- Joseph M.

"The media player was exactly what we were looking for: the setup was breeze, you can't beat the price, and the quality is superb." - Matt F.

"The flash music player looks great on my site. It didn't take me any time at all to setup. Thanks!" - Julie B.

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Flash Music Player Purchase

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