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What would a web site be without pictures? Plain and very boring! Many people need online photo albums to display pictures of their family and friends. Besides that a photo gallery can also be used to display visual projects completed for your business. For example if your business deals with photography, interior design, architecture, or landscaping an online photo gallery is essential. If you are a graphic designer you can also showcase your graphic design portfolio inside of a online photo gallery.

So why a flash photo gallery? Don't get me wrong, static photo galleries are OK. A flash photo gallery makes your images come alive. You can also fit more images in a smaller amount of space on your web page. Also there is no need for your visitors to wait around for a page of big picture files to load. Nobody likes to wait for large images to load. They'd just as soon leave! With a flash photo gallery you give your site visitors the control to choose which enlarged view images they would like to see. All of Hoover's flash photo galleries basically work the same. Initially your site visitors see a thumbnail (smaller view) of your picture. If they want to see the enlarged (bigger) view of the picture they can click on the picture thumbnail and the picture will quickly load for them. Believe me your site visitors will thank you for thinking of them!

Hoover's photo galleries are very customizable. You can customize your photo galleries color, the number of pictures in the gallery, the title, music and much more. Presently there are 27 photo galleries to choose from. With so many galleries surely there is one to fit your web site! Some of the themes include personal photo galleries, wedding photo galleries, baby photo galleries, family photo galleries and teen photo galleries. It is not necessary to have the Macromedia Flash program or any flash knowledge. Hoover's photo gallery require minimal work and you can have your photo gallery set up in about 10 minutes. All of Hoover's galleries come with basic instructions on setting up the photo gallery.

Feedback from photo gallery customers:

"I just purchased one of your gallery templates and it works great. Everyone at the office really likes the format for the gallery. Keep up the good work!" - Anthony C.

"I received it and it is wonderful! You can see how we used it...Wonderful, wonderful gallery. I love it! :) It added the finishing touch to our site. :) :) Your software is the best I've dealt with! :) Sorry for all of the smilies! :P Thanks Again! - Jesse & Kristina

"I just bought your webdesign gallery in flash its excellent! All my friends were very impressed! Just thought id share ... thanks!!" - Adam W.

Take a few minutes to check out the flash photo galleries available from Hoover Web Design.

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