Free Printable Hug Coupons


free printable hug coupons

Wow who doesn't love a hug? Hugs make you feel so warm and loved inside. Appreciated. Getting/giving a hug can put you or someone who is going through a rough time in a good mood. Just like that! lol Giving a hug will definitely lift your spirits because you know someone cares.

Below you'll find several printable hug coupons that you can download and share with your someone you love or someone who you'd like to be hugging on. lol. The only thing required is your printer! These free printable hug coupons contain vector images and you can print them out and give out the hug coupons whomever you wish.

Our list of free printable hug coupons:

free printable hug coupon heart

Good For a Free Hug - Arms hugging a heart hug coupon

one free hug coupon to print

Redeemable for One Free Hug - Hugging couple hug coupon

free hug coupon
Hug Coupon - A couple sitting together hugging.


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How to Use The Free Printable Hug Coupons

The hug coupons are so very easy to use. To use them, you can do one of two things: 1) Right click on the coupon and save it to your computer and print out. Or, 1) Right-click on the image and when the windows menu comes up select "Print". Check back often as I plan to add more free printable hug coupons and other free printables just for you.


Want your hug coupons to look more professional? Print your hug coupons out on card stock paper.

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