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I had a 70's party in September of 09 and had my 70's party guests play a seventies trivia contest. I came up with 50 70's era trivia questions for music, news, movies, and TV shows. The questionnaire was multiple choice to make it easier. I choose 50 questions because I wanted the guests to be able to answer as many questions as they could. If you couldn't answer this, then maybe you'd be able to answer that. You really have to think back for some of that stuff!

seventies theme party trivia questionsI passed out the questionnaire to everybody and gave them about 15 minutes to complete it. I graded each of the papers but if I had to do it over again I would have had my party guests grade each others papers so that we could go over the answers.

Whomever had the most correct answers would be the winner of the contest. I awarded the first, second and third place winners with trophies, CD's, DVD's and other 70's era trinkets.

The first and second place winners got to have a rematch. Remember how on Soul Train they would unscramble letters of a popular singer or group. Well we did that with magnetic letters (on the fridge) to determine who would win the BIG PRIZE. That was a lot of fun and my party guests loved it!

printable 1970 theme party trivia questionsTo save time, you don't have to come up with your own 70's party trivia questions, you can buy a copy of the PDF that I used for my own 70's party by ordering below:

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(The trivia sheet contains 50 questions. You will also receive an answer sheet with the correct answer bolded) This is not an instant download item you will receive the party questions within 24 hours if you order Monday - Thursday. If you order on Saturday or Sunday you will receive the party questions on Monday.

The questions cover Hawaii Five-0, Archie Bunker, Happy Days, Good Times, The Jefferson's, Welcome Back Kotter, Star Trek, Partridge Family, WKRP in Cincinnati, Telly Savalas and much more.

Here's a sample of what the questions look like:

70's seventies party trivia questions contest

Click here to Buy a copy of my 70's Party Trivia Questions for $10

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