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bathroom hall pass templates

Printable Bathroom Pass Description

At one time or another students must leave class to go to the restroom. When they do, you can keep things organized by providing the student with a bathroom hall pass to let other teachers and faculty administration know the student has an excuse to be in the hall and are going to use the restroom.

There are 6 bathroom passes on each page. To use these free bathroom pass templates, just print the bathroom passes out with your printer and cut into squares. If you have a paper cutter that will do just fine. It might be a good idea to laminate the bathroom pass and give it to students as needed to go to the restroom and they can return it to you. You might even put a hole punch in it and attach it to yarn to put around the students neck.

Our list of free printable bathroom pass templates

free printable bathroom pass template

Printable Bathroom Pass Template - This bathroom pass template has an illustration of a bathroom sink as a reminder for the children to wash their hands.
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