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make your own party envelopes

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The other day I received an email from one of my site visitors who wanted to know what kind of envelopes should be used with the printable party invitations. Now I thought, that's a good question! Well today I sat down and came up with an easy to make envelope that will house my quarter folded printable party invitations, printable greeting cards, printable wedding invitations and printable announcement cards.

All that is required to make this envelope are a sheet of colored paper, one of my quarter folded printables and a sticker. Okay, you can use a piece of plain copy paper but the colored paper will make the envelope look better. The directions are very easy to understand and I have included a lot of photos. Ready to give it a try?

how to make your own envelopes tutorial

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"Great idea for the envelope. It was really easy and looks great." - Arlene

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Be sure to let me know what you think or send me a pic of your envelope. Good luck!

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