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Thank You Mom

I would like to thank you
for all that you do.

Washing clothes, preparing meals,
wiping up the drink that always spills.

Making sure I don't get hurt, taking me to school,
Helping me with homework so that I won't be a fool

How to be a true friend,
and loyal to the end.

How life works,
How not to be a jerk

For all that you do,
I would like to thank you.

Happy Mothers Day

Dear Mom

I want you to know that you are very special to me.
I act sometimes as I wish you would just let me be.

I really don't mean to
but teenage moods can be so blue

In my heart, I know that you are there for me even though I act like I don't care.

This is just a couple of words that I wanted to share.

Happy Mothers Day

Roses Are Red Poem

Roses Are Red
Violets Are Blue
I'm Glad you are My Mother,
I hope you are too.

The Bomb Mom

I'm glad that you are my mom
because you are the bomb!

You spoil me and buy me all the latest gear;
I can listen to music so loud it's hard to hear

I don't have to take out the trash;
you pay Jeffrey for that with cash

My pockets are heavy;
My room is smelly

Oh wait, this is a Dream.
I guess I had too much ice cream,

Oh well, you are still the bomb!

Thanks Mom

You're The Best Mother,
I Wouldn't Want Another.

You Were There When I Needed You;
I Couldn't Love You Any More Than I Do.

So Thanks for the Good Times
I'm Sorry for the Bad Times.

You are my Mother

You are my Mother.

I am your son.

I don't want another mother.

You are just fine.


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