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It seems that as soon as you walk away from your desk someone comes looking for you. They ask everyone around your desk, are they at lunch? You can save your office the hassle by adding a free printable Out to Lunch sign near/on your desk. Adding this sign is an easy way to draw attention to the fact that, yes you are indeed at lunch. This also works for smaller businesses as well to let customers know the office is closed for lunch. The printable signs also read, gone to lunch, out to lunch and at lunch. A few of them allow you to take a sharpie or marker and add in the time you expect to return from lunch on the sign.

Our list of free printable Out to Lunch signs:

Gone to Lunch Printable sign with clock

Printable Gone to Lunch Sign with clock
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Out to Lunch Printable sign

Printable Gone to Lunch Sign Plain
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free printable signs

Gone to Lunch Will Return Printable sign with Clock

Printable Gone to Lunch Sign with editable clock - Use a marker to draw when you expect to come back from lunch.
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At Lunch Printable sign

Printable At Lunch Sign - Use a marker to write in the time you will return from lunch.
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How to use Printable Out to Lunch Signs:

Our printable out to lunch signs are saved as Adobe PDF files. Simply open the sign file up and print it out using your printer. Next hang the sign in the location of where you'd like it to be in your business or home. These signs work great until your permanent sign arrives. You might even have the sign laminated or put some type of sign holder around the free temporary sign to make it last longer.

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