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Meta tags help search engines to index your page.

If search engines index your page properly, surfers can find your page easily.

<META NAME="Author" CONTENT="Your name/company">
<META NAME="Title" CONTENT="Your web page title goes here">
<META NAME="Description" CONTENT="Your web page description goes here.">
<META NAME="Keywords" CONTENT="word1, word2, word3, phrase to find your site">
<META NAME="Robots" CONTENT="index,follow">
<META NAME="last-modified" CONTENT="2002/04/16">
<meta name="revisit-after" content="10_days">

Copy these meta tags and paste them in between the head tags of your web page. Delete the information found in red and replace it with the information that applies to your web site. For your keywords, list words or phrases followed by commas and spaces that you want search engine surfers to type in to find your site.

Hints -

  • Title Tag - 10 words that describe your website but no more than 85 characters (inc. spaces)
  • Description Tag - Search engines use this tag when they show your page results. Don't go above 134 characters (inc. spaces).
  • Keywords Tag - Search engines use this tag to list which sites are relevant to searchers.

Note: It is a good idea to put search engine meta tags on each of your web pages.

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