Orange Lilly Flowers Free Printable Wedding Invitation Template

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Free "Orange Lilly Flowers" Wedding Invitation Template

Printable Wedding Invitation Description

If you plan to try your hand at making your own custom wedding invitations at home check out these free printable wedding invitations. On the front of this printable wedding invitation template you can see a high quality stock image of orange lily's close up in a garden. The header text says, "A Wedding Event".

When you open the invitation up, this area is left blank so that you can customize the wedding invitation to your tastes.

Download this free printable wedding invitation template

Having trouble with the invitation being aligned properly on the page? View printing tips.

These free printable wedding invitations contain high quality stock images and are folded invitations. This means that you fold an 8 1/2 sheet of paper in half to create a single invitation.

How to use printable wedding invitations:

The invitation templates are saved as Adobe PDF files. They are blank templates so that you can add your own text and embellishments. Simply open the templates up with your web browser and print them out using your printer. Next you can custom decorate the wedding invitation. Want to give it a try? Here are step by step instructions on using our printable wedding invitation templates:

P1 heavy paper1. Print out the wedding invitation on scrapbooking or other heavy paper. Find invitation scrapbooking paper at your local office supply store. Now, let's refer to this as the invitation's cover.

2. Print out your own wedding invitation wording with some more heavy paper. This paper can be white or contrast to the heavy paper that you are printing your invitation cover on.

3. When finished use the decorative edging scissors, paper tear edgers, paper tear rulers, tear edger to make your invitation text block look pretty. Tear edgers allow you to create natural looking torn edges! They are sharp enough to tear paper, yet safe enough for skin. decorative edging scissors, paper tear edgers, paper tear rulers, or a tear edgerMost paper tear rulers have two different sizes of the same style for you to use to tear your wedding invitation papers. With these rulers you can transform your ordinary home made invitations into Masterpieces quickly and easily.

4. Glue or use scrapbooking tape to bind your invitation text block onto the inside of the invitation cover.

5. If you'd like, you can add scrapbooking embellishments such as hearts, bridal bells, confetti, bride and groom, wedding cake and more.

Following these instructions will help you to make a beautiful custom made, professional quality invitation that you can proudly give out to family and friends. These type of printable wedding invitations are great for low budget but elegant wedding celebrations.

Wedding Invitations (Plan B)

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