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Guestbooks are kind of old news. A guest sign in tree is a more creative and fun way to let party guests sign their name. Each guest would sign their name on the leaves of the tree. At the beginning of the party when you are decorating, sit the guest sign in poster in a 24x36 picture frame (you buy and remove the glass) and on an easel for party guests to sign their names as they enter your party. After all the party guests have signed their names on the leaves, you can add the picture frame glass back to the picture frame and hang it. It's a great way to preserve memories of your wedding party or graduation party. You will have to buy your own 24x36 picture frame.

If you let us customize a guest sign in tree for your next party, we complete all the design work for you and mail you the completed 24x36 poster before your party date. The guest sign in trees are custom tailored to your specific party. You choose the colors and patterns for your sign in tree poster.

You can send us your ideas or photos to incorporate into your customized poster. If you don't have any photos that is fine too. We will use our huge selection of stock photos to make your idea come to life as a guest sign in tree. Your party guests will love how you personalized your guest sign in.

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An example guest sign in tree is found below:


graduation party banner


Graduation Special - Each order comes with a free 8x10 chalkboard-like sign that reads, "Please sign (your name)'s Guest Tree. You can put the sign on an entry table at the party near your guest sign in tree to remind people to sign the poster. You will have to buy your own 8x10 picture frame.


To order a custom guest sign in tree for your next party, contact us at webmaster@hooverwebdesign.com,

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