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The site is coded in php, comes with full source code. It's 100% FREE and requires no database for the images. Simply upload your images and the script does the rest!


- Completely FREE!
- Written in php.
- All pages are created using Apaches mod-rewrite so it looks like flat html pages to the search engines.
- Automatic creation of the thumbnail images.
- Ability to categorize into albums.
- No database is needed. Simply upload your images into their own folders (albums) and the script will do the rest.
- Images are automatically titled with the original filename. - JPG images supported.
- Single configuration file allows for amending thumbnail size, how many per page, site title, colors and more.
- Automatic page titles/meta information based on the image filename/directory.


You can see an online demonstration of the site by going here:

-> Script Demonstration


- php 4.x
- mod rewrite module on apache
- GD library
- No real HD requirements, this will obviously depend on how many images you have.

Price: $0!

Download the free photo gallery script (Thanks Arwscripts for providing the file).

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