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Welcome to Hoover's free flash web site builder. It's easy to design your own flash web site with our Free web site builder.

The Hoover Web Design Free Flash Web Site Builder will allow you to make a free flash web site for your Business or Personal use without knowledge of Macromedia Flash or the Macromedia Flash program.

You can easily build a basic site online with our flash site builder and and within a few short minutes you'll have a professional Flash Web Site Template which you can upload to your choice of web host.

You simply choose your photo, colors, text and your web site will be sent to you automatically to you via email.

View a step by step tutorial of how to use the sitebuilder on our blog.


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"Thank you so much for the free flash template. I looked forever trying to find a way to get flash on my server because I have no knowledge of flash, you made it easy and fun...and thanks again I would recommend you guys to anyone. " - Steven S.

Once you have created your free flash web site, there is no need to come back to the Hoover Web Design to edit your web site. Using a simple text editor such as Windows Notepad or Word Pad, and you can update your web site's colors, text and photo as often as you like. If you need something more flexible check out our website design templates or check out our recommendations for premium website builders.

Read our Web Site Builder Frequently Asked Questions. Please note, if you do not insert your correct email address into the builder, you will NOT receive your free web site. You will NOT be signing up for any type of mailing list. If you do not receive your confirmation email check your spam folder or use another email address.

The Hoover Web Design Flash Web Site Builder has free web templates themes for babies, computers, food, bridges, real estate, city, butterflies, kittens, crayons, roses, business, flowers, restaurants, music, unicorns, high tech, world, money, weddings, lawyers, daycare, fireworks, globe, cars, patriotic, puppies, golf, football, and sports. In addition, you can replace any of our images with any image that you choose.

Website Owners - Would you like to license a copy of the Sitebuilder to generate traffic for your web site? Every visitor that creates a free flash web site will be advertising your web site in return. Web surfers love freebies. :) The Sitebuilder will sit on your web site and Hoover Web Templates will be totally removed from the application and replaced by your Site Name. It will look as if you built the application. You'll be able to control the email message that gets sent out when the user registers and when the user receives their flash web site. Any kind of marketing information can be placed in the emails. You'll also have access to the email addresses that register to use your Sitebuilder. Contact us to inquire on pricing.

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