Using Email Filtering in Cpanel

Step 1

While in your website's control panel, click on "E-mail Filtering".

Step 2

In the next page that comes up click on the link that reads Add Filter. Clicking this will bring you to a page that has a couple options. Click on Add Filter to add a new email filter.

Step 3

Filter - you can filter emails by subject, to, body or header


The way email filtering works is if you receive an email that matches the guidelines you set it will send the email to the designated area (a spam box for example). You can also set it to use Spam Assassin and completely get rid of the email and all future emails that contain that criteria.


We're going to setup a basic email filter. Let's say we get a spam email from with the subject "Mortgage loan approvals". In the Filter line select Subject, and move to the next box and select contains (it should already be selected), next enter "mortgage loan approvals" in the yellow box. For the destination enter Discard. Now click the Activate button. This will take you to another page telling you that the mail filter has been successfully created. This will cause all email that has the subject is "mortgatge loan approvals" to be deleted automatically from your email in the future.

Click Go back to create another filter.

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