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Feedback and comments from our web template customers.

Hi Gina- I just want to thank you so much for your quick response to our needs. Its not often you find a Company, or someone for that matter, that goes "the extra mile" for you. We here at the Little Horse Haven Ranch feel you and your Company are the such, that go "the extra mile" for your customers! Please do not change your ways, as the world needs more people and Companies like you and yours. Once Again, Thank You So Much!! Johnny L.

ďThis is the perfect template for any actor or actress. I have many actor friends who have spent untold sums to have their websites designed. Hoover Web Designís site has all the same functionality as those other sites at a fraction of the price (and looks better than most). Not to mention YOU control it, so update when YOU want. All the while looking extremely professional. And actors know, itís all about packaging.

Letís be honest, weíre actors. We donít have lots of money. This template will make anyone think otherwise. I bought this for my girlfriend. Within a day I had it up and running and thoroughly modified to her desires. She absolutely loves the design. Thanks, Gina.Ē - Daniel T.

"Thanks for all your help. Your templates are easy to use and understand." - Tom S.

"I just purchased my template and even before it's up and running I have to say thank you. Your customer service has been awesome. I'm not html savvy at all and your help has made this experience painless. I truly appreciate everything and will definitely be back in the future with more orders and recommend you to others!" - Jennifer D.

"Thanks for your quick replies, these guys are going to be on the radio Monday morning and needed a website put up ASAP, and your quick customer service allowed me to put together something very professional looking in a hurry. I think they will be very pleased with the layout. I'll probably be buying another template from you, I have another website of my own I want to put together, so you will probably hear from me again soon!" - Becky C.

"I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with my template, I finished my site and it looks wonderful!"
- Brenda S.


Thanks Gina, for all your help. I feel so empowered, that I was able to do my own website and I can upgrade my own pictures and maintain the website all on my own. Everyone loves the website and my pictures look nice with the background music and all. It came out better than I imagined. Thanks soooooooo much!!!!!
- Anastasia P.

"You ROCK!!...Thank you for your willingness to check this out for me and for your patience. Definitely earn yourself a life-time customer. I had purchased other templates from a nameless competitor and their support...was extremely lacking compared to your service. Keep up the good job."
- Kenold P.

"...I just must tell you thank you a million times for making such a cute template - it fits my business so well...you do a GREAT Job and you're super fast - that's why I keep coming back!!!"
- Jennifer H.

"...I just wanted to say how great your site is. I have now bought 4 templates from you and am going to be buying quite a few more. Thanks."
- Dom H.

"...Just wanted to let you know that the template is great...i was searching around for a nice template and i finally found you."
- Mike M.

"..you have the best templates.. I get tired of going to websites and seeing the same template on each site.. LOL Yours are unique and beautiful. :-) "
- Judy N.

"...the designs on your site are terrific. Your designers have done a wonderful job and I've already bookmarked the site for future purchases. "
- Elizabeth M.

"Wonderful templates!!! This is the best site I have found and can't wait to get the new template to make our site professional looking and jazzy! "
- Jeanette B.

"Just wanted to let you know how much I and the congregation at Asbury Memorial UMC, in McKenney, Va., appreciate your help with our new website template."
- Adam C.

"Thank you so much for the website template... looks great! Just like on your website."
- Carlos B.

"I appreciate the fast service, esp. on Saturday."

- Wayne C.

"I just wanted to thank you again for your amazing sense of taste with your designing talent...Fast response and over and above kindness in helping us with our template changes..Compared to you there is no other company like yours..."

- Rhonda Hickey, CEO MRM Management

"We are up and running...."THANK YOU SO MUCH" for all the support. I will recommend your company to others!! thanks again"

- Darlene P.

"Your template was very easy to use and looks awesome..I am very satisfied with your product."

- Scott W.

"...customer loves it. Thanks, It's good to have a vendor that shows a little interest :-))"

-Richard Y.

"Thank you for doing such a beautiful job on the template."

-JoAnne S.

"The template is great...thanks!"

-Bill B.

"We got it up and it is going to work great. My nephew is helping me with it and we are going to get the content right over the next few days. His comment was "doesn't look that bad for a pre-made". I agree, that it is a great value and it sure is what we needed."

- David M.

"Thank you for you template. It was a great template and really looks good on my site. Once again thanks."

- Gary H.

"Thanks again for a great website! This is the second one for me. I got lots of praise on the first one and it is all because of you!! Thanks! "

- Patty H.

I purchased one of your restaurant templates, and the client was quite pleased with it.

- Nina F.

Thank you so far for the excellent customer service, Gina has been great with information!!

- Debbie C.

Thanks. I downloaded it, unzipped, and installed it no problem. I'm happy to find the source code is indented logically. :)

- David A.

"Thank you for the speedy turnaround on the templates."

- John J.

"This is great! Simple and easy to work with. This will do just fine. Thanks again."

- Ben M.

"Hoover Web Design....ROCKS! I'm so amazed how fast the service is....and I'm in Hawaii. The cost was amazing, I could not believe how low the price was, and how patient. I had so much adding and changing, LOL. Thank You for making our company look professional and eliminating all the stress, now we're able to meet our grand opening deadline."

- Nani G.

"Great site. Will recommend all my friends and business associates. I belong to an entrepreneur group and one thing everyone struggles with is websites. This is a great way to get people up and running much quicker."

- Mark C.

"The template is working out great. Thank You Very Much!"

- Aaron M.

"Worked out great (template 444). A change in website usage. My husband liked the template and wanted to use it for his site...now I have to find another one for myself. I enjoy your templates and website".

- Marie L.

"After looking through a multitude of sites for templates…I found Hoover Web Design. Locating exactly what I wanted. Then came the bonus. A company unique in many ways. Creative, professional and most importantly, their follow up. Dealing with them has been a pleasant surprise in this day and age of "hurry up and wait." If you get a response/help at all. Hoover is not only on top of things with immediate responses but they go the extra mile. Helpful and creative, above and beyond. How refreshing. It does not matter if they are working with a pre-made template or tackling a major project……they are beyond great!! Thank you Hoover (and Gina). You are heads above the norm. Did I mention I was impressed : )

Not only will I look to you for more projects down the road but others are now also aware of your company. They too are impressed. Keep up the good work."

- Cheri B.

"I love the template. I've modified it slightly so it fits any width, and I put a "navbar" under the cityscape on the left. Both were very easily done, which is a plus. And your "template by" credit is perfect, unlike some others who make it look like they're responsible for the template AND the content..."

- Mike G.

"Thank you very much for the prompt delivery. I want to congratulate you: not only are your templates nice, but easy to use too and to customize! Thanks to your precise indications, one knows exactly what to expect when buying one. This is not the case with all the other sellers in that field, so I might well come back to you next time I need one."

- Jean-Francois M.



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