Wedding Dress Codes & Clothing Attire Descriptions

wedding attire
wedding dress codes attire and descriptions

When you are letting your wedding party guests know how they should dress for your wedding event, following are some of the definitions of wedding dress codes that you might use:


Black Tie Attire

For him, wear a formal tuxedo; for her wear a long evening gown.

Semi-Formal (After Five Attire)

For him, wear a dark suit; for her wear a cocktail dress.

Cocktail Attire

For him wear a dark suit; for her wear a slim shorter dress.

Festive Attire

For him, wear a dark suit and funky tie; for her a jewel toned cocktail dress

Informal Attire

For him, wear a dark suit; for her wear a shorter cocktail dress.


For him, slim cut suit coat; for her, slinky snug fitting dress

Beach Formal

For him, light and airy suit, For her, sun dress with sandals

Boating Elegant

For him, navy blazer, linen sun dress with sandals for her

Dressy Casual

For him, button down shirt but no jacket, for her dressy shirt and top


For him and her anything goes

wedding dress codes

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