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Hoover Web Design's flash photo galleries are a great way to display personal pictures of family and friends as well as your own graphic art or any other thing you would like to showcase on your web site.


Baby Girl Flash Photo Gallery 6wg


This baby photo gallery would make an excellent gift for new parents. This photo gallery has a nice scene of an infant baby girl in her nursery playing with a doll. A baby song gently plays in the background. If you don't like the musical theme we've chosen, you can add your own mp3 music loop.

Above the baby girls's crib is the photo gallery. To navigate the flash photo gallery either click on the next button or click on the thumbnail of the image. Once you are viewing an enlarged view of a thumbnail you can read the caption that goes with the picture. Close the caption to continue navigating the photo gallery.

We've added 5 pictures to our sample gallery, but you can add as many pictures of your sweet little baby as you want to.

In this gallery you can change the following:

  • You choose number of photos
  • Site Title Text & color
  • Thumbnail message & color
  • Caption text color
  • Sound Controller Color
  • Next/Previous Arrow Color
  • Choose your own MP3 music loop (must have sample rate of at least 44.1khz)


The actual gallery size is 581x491. Click here to view the gallery in it's actual size. TThumbnails are automatically created of your photos.

Just place your 351x270 sized web photos in a directory and our flash photo gallery will read the images and display them in the gallery. No need to worry about complex flash web programming. This gallery is too easy to use!

Knowledge of Macromedia Flash is not required. English is the only language supported by the photo gallery. Upon purchase you will receive Flash swf file, index page containing the photo gallery and basic instructions for setting up the photo gallery.

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