Domain Name Registration Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. I am trying to register a domain name, what nameservers should I use?



Q. Once I've registered my domain name, is it mine forever?

A. Your domain name, with the TLD (top level domain) extension (.com, .net, .org) you registered it with, is yours for the time period you purchased the domain name. As long as you pay the required annual renewal fee when the duration of the purchase period is up, it will be yours forever.


Q. How do I know somebody else won't register the same name?

A. The availability of .com, Net, and .org extensions are verified through the Shared Registration System (SRS). The SRS is a world-wide database of available .com, Net, and .org domain names. When a domain name is registered, it is entered into this SRS database. This prevents a domain name that has been registered through Hoover Web Design from being registered by another registrar. Note: other TLD's (.ky, .dk, .fm) operate on a different database. This database is updated every 24-72 hours. Hoover Web Design will reimburse any party for registration fees associated with a cc TLD that was already registered but not entered into the database.


Q. What if the same name is registered simultaneously through a different registrar?

A. The reservation of domain names operates on a first come, first serve basis. Hoover Web Design will usually reserve your domain within 30 minutes of registration on our web site using our speedy, automated system. For the convenience of our customers, this automated reservation process is available anytime you access our web site.


Q. When can I access my domain name on the Internet?

A. It will take 72 hours or less before your domain name will be accessible on the Internet.


Q. What if I misspell my domain name on the registration form?

A. Hoover Web Design is not responsible for misspelled names. Please see terms and conditions.

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