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Flash Gallery Description

Our flash photo gallery is a cool way to display your personal photos with descriptions for each photo. The photo's description allows for basic html. Each flash photo gallery is guaranteed to match your website because you can customize just about everything in the photo gallery. You can customize:

  • download a flash photo gallery Number of Photos in the photo gallery up to 100
  • download a flash photo gallery Customize Background color
  • download a flash photo gallery Customize Title Color
  • download a flash photo gallery Customize your Title (Replace Hoover Web Design)
  • download a flash photo gallery Customize Photo Gallery Header Color (Gallery can not be removed)
  • download a flash photo gallery Customize up and down arrow colors
  • download a flash photo gallery Customize description text and color

The text that says, "Sample Flash Photo Album by Hoover Web Design" does not appear in the photo gallery once you have purchase it.

The actual gallery size is 694x358. Thumbnails are automatically created of your photos for the photo gallery. Just place your 351x270 sized images in a directory and our flash photo gallery will read the images and display them in the gallery. The photo thumbnails are about 83x78 in size and the gallery image size is 351x270.

Knowledge of Macromedia Flash is not required. English is the only language supported by the photo gallery. Upon purchase you will receive Flash SWF file (uneditable), index page containing the photo gallery and basic instructions for setting up the photo gallery. In order to view the gallery properly you will need to ensure you have Flash installed in your web browser. You can check to see if you have the latest version of Flash by right clicking on the gallery and selecting "about". You should have at least version 7.

The photo gallery does not display using Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox on some machines. To be sure that you can use the photo gallery please download our sample gallery to test for compatibility with your PC before you make your purchase.

Please review the Flash Photo Gallery Frequently Asked Questions before you make your purchase or download a sample photo gallery.



Flash Gallery Testimonials

Testimonials from customers who have purchased a flash photo gallery from Hoover Web Design:

"I want to purchase an additional Flash Gallery.... the gallery I purchase over the weekend is ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. I set it up in a matter of minutes." - Rita D.

"Thanks again for the great gallery, I've setup 3 on my page and it works perfectly...I am most pleased with this flash gallery." - Steve G.

"I just purchased one of your gallery templates and it works great. Everyone at the office really likes the format for the gallery. Keep up the good work!" - Anthony C.

"I got to tell you that this thing is amazing! Kudos to you for this because it works flawlessly. How in the world do you get it to generate thumbnails with just the single pictures you provide it. That is pretty awesome. ....Again a big thumbs up for the Flash Gallery because it totally rocks! - Dan L.

"I received it and it is wonderful! You can see how we used it...Wonderful, wonderful gallery. I love it! :) It added the finishing touch to our site. :) :) Your software is the best I've dealt with! :) Sorry for all of the smilies! :P Thanks Again! - Jesse & Kristina

"I am very happy with it. It is very easy to set-up." - Jack W.

"I just bought your webdesign gallery in flash its excellent! All my friends were very impressed! Just thought id share ... thanks!!" - Adam W.



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Help & Information

Demo Flash Gallery

Download the demo flash photo gallery to get familiar with how Hoover's photo galleries work.

Frequently Asked Questions Page
Find answers to frequently asked questions about our flash photo galleries.

Email Support
Email us to ask questions about our flash photo galleries.




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