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Want to make your own party invitations? Looking for something different? Check out Hoover's Cool Flash Party Invitation Template. This party invitation template is flash animated and lots of fun. It's a good choice for any party because you can customize the template to match your party theme. This template would work fine to announce Birthday Parties, Superbowl Parties, Baby Showers, Graduation Parties, Wedding Receptions, Costume Parties, Anniversary Parties, 70's Parties or whatever you can dream up!

Flash Party Invitation Template

Flash Party Invitation Template Description

In the example above we chose to use the invitation template for a Mardi Gras Party. Notice how we customized the template to use Mardi Gras colors which are purple, green and yellow. If you purchase this invitation template you can choose any colors you like via color codes.
To operate the invitation template, your party guests simply click on the "Play" button. This starts the flash animation. The invitation twirls around and your party guests can click on the Seal to open the invitation. Once the invitation has been opened the details about your party can be read. The party details are seen in a scrollable text box which accepts basic html such as web links, color changes, bold, underline but no graphics. In the example, we wanted our party guest to RSVP if they will attend the party. RSVP is linked to our email to make it easy for our guests to confirm their intention to attend the party. The invitation template allows you to add your own 135x170 sized photo which matches with your party theme and use your own MP3 for the background music. As a convenience to your party guests the MP3 sound player has a sound on/off button. The MP3 music loops. Clicking on the close button closes the invitation and stops the animation and music. If you have a lot of parties, this invitation can be used over and over again. All you need to do is change the color scheme, the photo and the invitation text. This party invitation template will match your web site because you can customize the following:

  • use your own photo
  • use your own MP3 loop
  • use your own invitation text
  • customize background color
  • customize emblem color
  • customize ribbon color
  • customize letter color
  • customize arrow color
  • customize sound player color
  • customize play button
  • customize close button


The actual invitation template size is 680x540. It is not recommended that you resize it. Note that this invitation was made to go on a website and not to be sent as an email greeting.

Knowledge of Macromedia Flash is not required. The invitation template is updated via a dynamic control file. This flash music player only supports MP3 music loops (must have sample rate of 44.1khz). You would want to chose a MP3 music loop that is small in size so that the invitation will load right away. The Mardi Gras Mambo MP3 Loop is sized 3.88MB. English is the only language supported by the party invitation template. Upon purchase you will receive Flash swf file, index page containing the invitation template and basic instructions for setting up the invitation template. The text that says "Flash Invitation Template © Hoover Web Design" does not appear in the invitation once you've purchased it. If you have any questions please ask before you make your purchase.


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