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Website promotion is the continuing process to promote a website to bring more visitors to the website. Many techniques such as content development, search engine optimization (also known as SEO), and search engine submission, are used increase the traffic to a site.

How to promote a website

  • Submit website to the major search engines
    It's important that a web site be listed in the search engines to gain more traffic. Often traffic from the main search engines are the ideal visitors that a webmaster would want. Be aware though that it is usually much faster to let a search engine find your site through inbound links than through their site submission forms. Check the search listings for yout keywords and look for pages that you can request links on.
  • Search engine optimization
    Just being listed in the search engines isn't enough to bring you traffic, a web site must be search engine optimized in order to get a good ranking. The most important technique is to get backlinks(Inbound links), search engines rely on backlinks to see how popular a web site is, it's thought that if one web site links to another, the webmaster must have thought the web site offered something useful to their visitors. You should also place your most important keywords in the meta tags and especially yout link text! When seeking incoming links from others, try your hardest to get them to use your target keywords as the anchor text pointing at your site, this is very important!
  • Use pay-per-click search engines to get keyword targeted traffic
    If a webmaster can't get his/her web site listed in the search engines or can't get a very good ranking the next best thing to do is use pay per click because it allows their web site to be listed higher in the search results.
  • Put URL in all business press releases
    After writing a press release you should always include a link back to your web site. If your press release is interesting you may get lucking and see your press release featured on a few big sources.

Meta tags are used to provide structured data about data.Access to information stored in webpages can be enhanced by the provision of an informative title, description (summary of the text) and subject keywords. Keywords are often taken from a controlled vocabulary such as a thesaurus, which ensures that words are added consistently. In addition, the thesaurus lists synonyms so that a number of alternative search terms are provided. For example, if the keyword fishing is assigned to a page the near-synonym angling should also be added.

Words which are often misspelled are often added as keywords. For example, accommodation and millennium are misspelled almost as often as they are spelt correctly. Adding these misspellings as keywords is therefore of potential value.*

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