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Hoover Web Templates Preview home1423

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A graphics editor may be required to customize the graphics on the template. A html editor is recommended for adding your content to the template. Not sure if your html editor will work? Download a free sample web template. Download A Sample Template
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The template is sliced and you will receive html pages and graphics. No PSD source file is available unless noted in the web templates description.

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Web Template Description

Do you sell womens cosmetics and beauty products and are looking for a trendy web template that will spice up your boring website? If so take a peek at our new "Glam Beauty" website template. This template is sexy and will be unforgetable to your site visitors! The home page has a stunning vector illustration of a beautiful young woman wearing makeup. Behind her you can see another woman looking in a mirror and refreshing her makeup. The template is ready for you to add in your own ecommerce shopping cart.

On the left of the template there are buttons to showcase six of your stores categories. We choose eyes, lips, cheeks, foundation, skin care and nails. A blank navigational menu is included so that you can showcase whatever categories you want. (If you change the category you will have to add a new title and a new image with your graphic editor.)

The home page also has a scrollable flash text box and allows you to feature your beauty tips or latest site news. The flash box is editable using a text editor such as NotePad or WordPad. The text boxes accept basic html such as links, color changes, bold and underline, but no graphics.

The home page also displays view cart, checkout buttons, two of your products, a business slogan, and a link for the visitor to subscribe to your newsletter. If you want a newsletter you will need to supply your own script.

The store page allows you to feature eight or more products. If you have more categories than the six shown on the home page you can list them all here. The links are text and easily editable. Also included is a free ebook entitled "1001 Beauty Tips" and a printable mail order form. A contact us graphic appears which displays your telephone number in case the customer needs assistance.

This template has 16 pages. We made a page for each of the six store categories for you. The pages included in the template are About, Cheeks, Contact, Content, Eyes, FAQ, Foundation, Index, Lips, List, Nails, Order Form, Resources, Shipping, Skincare, and Store. You can also make additional content pages as needed. This is a very flexible design and is very easy to edit.

A graphics editor such as Fireworks or Photoshop is required to customize the graphics and add your site name and logo. This template is sliced and you will receive html pages and graphics that were used to create the template. Basic instructions on setting the template up on your web site are included in the zip file.



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